Syreeta Thompson “The Trumpet Lady” Interview 2016

Gospel artist, Syreeta Thompson, better known as “The Trumpet Lady”, took the time to share some insights about her music career. It’s true that she’s not a DJ nor an electronic music producer, that you are used to read on this blog, but her talent with the trumpet has been so great, that left me speechless. Discover more below! 

1 – How did you first get into music? 

My start in music began very early when I was nine years old. I actually started playing the clarinet and later switched to trumpet. My mother told I me she wasn’t going to buy me another instrument unless I took the trumpet to church lol! So, I had to PLAY EVERY Sunday in church, lol! 

2 – How did you get the name “The Trumpet Lady”? 

I used to carry my instrument on my back and there was a gentleman in my church that used to speak to me as “Trumpet lady”. Also, while touring with Hezekiah Walker everyone in the band had a name and mine became “Trumpet Lady” I figure it was memorable so I kept it. 

3 – In your opinion, what makes a good recording session? 

A good recording session can happen in many forms. The best form is when there’s a musical chemistry in the room also, with good detailed rehearsals. 

4 – Your new album ‘Winner’ has been topping the Billboard charts. How did this come about? 

I’m so excited about the success of ‘Winner’ on the Billboard Charts. The music blogs have really embraced this body of work and I’m thankful! 

5 – What have you learned from making your own music? How can artists send you their demos? 

I’ve learned while recording my own music is to have another set of ears and prepare and have a good concept. Music submissions: 

6 – How much has the music industry changed since you started? 

Over the past ten years, the music industry has changed drastically especially with the evolution of streaming. Also, there is MORE independent artist now that are NOT bound to music labels.

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