Trumpetlady Featured in Beyond the Vail Magazine!




Beyond the Record: Welcome! Tell us a little bit about who you are, where you're from and where you're living now. 

Syreeta Thompson: Ha!! Most people know me as the Trumpet lady. I was born and raised in Chicago Now I currently reside in the New York City area. Music is one my passions. 

BtR: There are many artists who come to love music early on in life. At what age did you fully pursue music and do you feel as though your childhood played a role in your love for music? 

Syreeta Thompson: O Most definitely Music has played a huge role in my child hood.  My dad was a jazz musician. I actually started playing the trumpet in church. My dad used play Art Blakey & the Jazz messengers all the time. Plus, most of my cousins are musically inclined. 

BtR: what College did you attend and what was the purpose of doing so? Would you say that your degree has been beneficial to you and your music career? 

Syreeta Thompson: I attended Douglass College; Rutgers University with a Bachelors in Music and I have a Masters Degree in jazz composition & arranging/film scoring from NYU. My degree has had some benefits in the educational field. I get a chance to do master classes and help to inspire others. 

BtR: Out of all the placed you have played, which of the venues/cities are your favorite and what is the best part about the experience? 

Syreeta Thompson: I love performing in Chicago. It’s my birthplace there’s also a rich culture in Chicago. 

BtR: Do you think there is a lack of female producers in the industry? 

Syreeta Thompson: I believe the industry lacks noted female producers. Most female artist is a producer as well. 

BtR: As far recording your music, take us through the recording process of your latest release. 

Syreeta Thompson: I normally start with the sound that I want to hear! Or a simple melody that comes to mind. From there I hear the music and my production team and I start with rough drafts and let them build from there. 

BtR: There are quite a few artists and producers that have hidden messages in your music, while others are very open. Which of your songs is the most personal to you? 

Syreeta Thompson: My personal song is entitled Winner. Winner speaks to my personal story. Its also a testament of and a song that I wrote to encourage myself because I faced a lot of ups and downs while completing this body of work. 

BtR: Take us through some of the lowest moments in your music career but also in your personal life. 

Syreeta Thompson: One of my lowest moments has been over looked by some of the music award shows in my genre. Also, I have been in the background behind a lot of artist helping to build their brand and when I needed help they were NOT there or I had to pay them a lot of money. Also, going through identity theft and being over weight were tough moments for me. 

BtR: On the flipside, what have you overcome that you are most proud of? 

Syreeta Thompson: I will say being a self-made artist with a multi charting in sales on billboard has been a huge success. Most don’t know I lost over 77 pounds that way a HUGE personal accomplishment.

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