Syreeta Thompson 

Noted as one of the great instrumentalist and clinicians in the musical arena, Syreeta Thompson’s musical gift proves to be both sincere and incomparable.  The powerful trumpeter has managed to blaze the gospel industry circuit by sharing the stage with many of its greatest icons from the renowned Hezekiah Walker and LFT to the legendary Dorinda Clark-Cole. 
Syreeta Thompson is a skilled and educated Psalmist whose speaking and teaching schedules remains as in demand as her musical presentationsThe Grammy Award winning performer is a graduate of Douglass College, Rutgers University with a Bachelor of Arts in Music and she holds a Master’s Degree in film scoring and jazz composition and arranging. Thompson has also skillfully written six curriculums for the East Orange School District. 
Syreeta Thompson’s debut release entitled “In His Presence” was a meaningful project filled with special guest appearances including performances by Dorinda Clark-Cole and DeWayne Woods. Syreeta then released her sophomore project entitled “Winner” which included a diverse offering of inspired new material and will feature her home choir & pastor Hezekiah Walker & LFT Church Praise Team. 
The album shocked the music industry when it debuted at number one on the Jazz and Gospel Billboard charts and stayed on the top of the charts for over six months. The album then caught the attention of international media and was played on FM radio throughout the United States and the Caribbean. The buzz from the album also caught the attention of mainstream media and Syreeta was features in many music blogs and magazines and even received featured interviews in The New York Journal and US Magazine.